Special needs circus workshops kent

Kinetic Circus has many years experience working with children and adults with additional needs, working with the individual and encouraging  their personal abilities and adapting the use of equipment accordingly in each workshop.

Using a mix of different equipment such as juggling scarves, contact juggling balls, hula hoops and spinning plates, we make circus skills and juggling accessible to your group. There are a multitude of different exercises we have designed to improve fine motor skills, co-ordination and personal achievement which can be tailored to best suit the needs of your group.

Over the years we have worked with Cirque Nova, The Wyvern School, Goldwyn School, Roper House, Ifiled School, The Deaf children’s society and The hearing impaired children’s expo.  We have a wealth of practical knowledge adapting the teaching and interaction with the circus arts for children with a range of different needs including: autism, aspergers, ADD/ADHD, deaf and hearing impaired, blind and visually impaired and physical impairments such as reduced mobility, missing limbs and wheelchair users.

We are always happy to discuss your the specific needs of your children/clients in person prior to the workshops and create a package to suit you.

Our SEND workshops can either begin with a show or by diving straight in and all learning together.

For the last 10 years Paul of Kinetic Circus has had a close working relationship with Laleham Gap School, Margate. The school originally was for pupils who had speech language/communication difficulties and Paul has shown great compassion, patience and formed excellent relationships with both pupils and staff over the years he has been associated with us. To come into a special school and build a relationship quickly is very difficult but Paul’s unique style, sense of fun, honesty and commitment enabled this to happen.

Over the last 5 years our pupils needs have changed and most pupils are now on the Autistic Spectrum. This brings other issues into play as our pupils are very anxious around strangers and new situations but yet again Paul took this on board and changed his approach to meet their needs. Paul has a natural rapport with young people, he accepts them as they are and treats them with respect and they in turn like and respect him. Paul really is a very good role model to young people.

As a performer Paul is second to none – a highlight in our school calendar has always been Paul and the team coming not only to lead workshops but put on displays for pupils, family, staff and other visitors. Its not just the obvious talents he has but his showmanship, excellent communication skills and magnetic personality which enamor him to his audiences. I would wholeheartedly recommend Paul to you and would not hesitate in employing him at Laleham Gap School in the future.

Sue Scobie Assistant Head teacher, Laleham Gap School